Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NC Bookgirl reads The Christmas Promise

The Christmas Promise by Susan Bartoletti is a great historical/realistic fiction story.  It is set during the Depression when jobs were scarce.  It centers on a little girl and her father told from the point of view of the girl.  After her father loses his job they become hobos riding the rails looking for work until they are caught by a railroad bully.  The story is great to use with older elementary and I read it to my third graders.  Students get caught up easily in the story,  I discuss the Great Depression before reading to activate prior knowledge and talk about hobos.  The end papers have hobo signs drawn on them.  There is a link to a website that talks a little more about Hobo Signs.  I hope you will enjoy this great read aloud as much as I do.  

Keep Calm and Read On,
NC Bookgirl

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